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Bored with Retirement? 
Or Having More Fun Than Ever?

After decades of looking forward to retirement a surprisingly large number of people find themselves bored to tears within months.  Some go back to work.  Others decide to explore new and fun experiences and new places. After all, retirement from your primary work is simply the beginning of a new, twenty year long stage of your life.   So don't waste your future being bored.  Start enjoying your new retiree life today.

Here are some ideas to start having fun and meeting new challenges today.  We also have many  suggestions for retirement jobs and extra cash work on this website.  

1.  Write Your Memoir.   The most valuable treasure you can leave your grandchildren and their grandchildren is the story of your life.  Write about your own childhood, your teen years, how you got your first job, how your life unfolded. 

2. Learn Tai Chi.  No doubt you have seen this ancient form of exercise which looks like karate in slow motion.  It is an excellent method to improve your balance.  With better balance you are less likely to accidentally fall and break a bone.  A bit of trivia:  we recently heard in Beijing these days Tai Chi classes held in the parks are a government requirement for retirees.  Search online for classes near you.

3. Gondola Ride.  A gondola ride in Venice, Italy is wonderful, romantic--and expensive--particularly if you are paying for the vacation that goes with the ride.  Another choice is a romantic gondola ride complete with champagne and a singing gondolier through the canals and around the island of Naples in Long Beach, California.  Then you can bike or stroll along a 7 mile bike path on the beach nearby or shop and dine on Second Street in the nearby Belmont Shore neighborhood.

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